Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sam Brownback and South Carolina

The following article appeared this morning in South Carolina newspaper, The State. There is a serious void in social conservatism from the front runners, Giuliani and McCain, and the third favorite, Mitt Romney has a questionable record on these issues. There is perhaps room for another leader to emerge, and it is here that Sam Brownback and Mike Huckabee may make a play.

By LISA MICHALS 2/18/2007

Three weeks ago, an estimated 350 Republican Party activists attended a luncheon in Columbia for GOP presidential hopeful Sam Brownback. Many came out of curiosity.

The U.S. senator from Kansas, viewed as an “ideologue,” is considered by many the leading “Christian right” candidate in the race.

Brownback certainly didn’t disappoint his audience, made up mostly of religious conservatives. Members punctuated the air with shouts of “amen” and “praise the Lord.” It sounded more like a revival service than a political gathering.

Many conservatives and religious leaders view Brownback as a serious candidate to succeed President George W. Bush.

Whether Brownback does, there’s little doubt he will become a major figure in U.S. public life and an increasingly critical player in its governing coalitions.